General FAQ's

1. I have feedback or questions about YaSabe

We love feedback! Please use this form to send your question or comments.

2.  Do I need to register with YaSabe?

No, not if you are just browsing. However, if you want to leave a comment, upload a message, or apply for a job, etc. - then yes. Its simple and free - and we never, EVER sell your information (see privacy policy). You easily sign-up and equally easily un-subscribe from any notifications from coupons or news.

3.  I am unable to log in or I forgot my password?

To reset your password, please go to your YaSabe login page here and click on the link that says "If you already have an account you can login here." On the next page, click on "Forgot your password?" Type in the email you used to create your YaSabe account, and we will send the new password to your email inbox shortly after.
If you want to change your current password, please login to your account, click on your name and a menu will be displayed,then click on Change password option, then follow instructions on the page.

4. How do I use the coupons on YaSabe?

Simply go to the coupon you are interested in and, on the desktop web, you can click print and print the coupon. On the mobile web you can simply show the mobile coupon to the cashier at the merchant.

5.  How do I apply for a job?

Find the job you are interested in and click apply. If you are already registered - then the one click will apply to the job for you. If you are not registered you will be asked to register. The more detailed your profile the more helpful it is to employers.

6. Is YaSabe an employment agency?

YaSabe is not an employment agency. However, we have a very active jobs and employment board where companies post job opportunities. Visitors seeking employment opportunities will be able to see, apply and share the positions available on the YaSabe jobs site or contact the employer directly.

7. How do I sign-up to receive coupons or job alerts

When you browse for coupons or jobs you can click at the top of the page to sign-up for notifications. You can also visit your user profile page and change your user notification settings there.

8. How do I leave a comment about a business?

Simply log into your YaSabe account and go to the business you wish to comment on. At the bottom of the page you will find the comment box. When you are done, click the submit button.

FAQ's for businesses

1. I want to correct information on my business profile

To make changes to your Business Profile, if you have not claimed your business, go to the Claim Your Business page and insert your business telephone number in the space provided. Click on the orange button that says “Find my business.”
The business information is organized in 4 steps. Fill in or edit any field and confirm each step by clicking in the orange button. The mandatory fields will be highlighted in red after clicking in the button. When you have finished, click on the orange button. Changes should appear within 24 hours.
To make changes to your claimed Business Profile, please go to YaSabe.com and log-in through the login button at the top right hand corner of the page. Once you are logged in, click in your name and click “Profile”. On the Desktop web on the left part of the page, you’ll see “My Businesses” (on mobile scroll down and you’ll see the option). Click in “My Businesses” and click “Edit” in your business. The fields on the next page should already be filled in with the existing business information. Correct the information you wish to change in the appropriate fields. Changes should appear in 24 hours.

2. My category is not listed. What should I do?

Try searching other synonyms or variations of the term. If you still don’t find the correct one and would like to see about having it added - please contact sales through the Contact Us page.

3. I registered my business but it is not showing up in a search result.

It may take anywhere between 2-6 hours after you completed registering your business in order for it to become visible.

4. I would like to have a listing removed from your site

If you need to have your listing removed, simply send us your inquiry from the Contact Us page. Please provide the URL of the business on YaSabe and include a brief explanation of why you need it removed. We will remove the listing within 1-2 weeks after receiving your email and send you a confirmation email letting you know it was removed.

5. Do you have business listings outside the US?

At this moment YaSabe only has search results for businesses and service providers located within the continental United States. For Latin America, you can contact our partners at paginasmarillas.com

6. How much does advertising on YaSabe cost?

YaSabe has a variety of affordable advertising packages available for businesses that are interested in reaching local spanish speaking and bilingual consumers. Options will vary depending on the number of markets, cities and keywords businesses will be found under. If you are thinking about becoming a YaSabe advertisers, or have more questions please call us at 703-955-4747 or send us your inquiry from the Contact Us page

7. You have my home address information listed on your site, what do I do to get it removed?

Please send us your inquiry from the Contact Us page and provide us the URL of the business on YaSabe

8. Do I need to speak Spanish to be listed on the site?

You do not need to speak Spanish to use YaSabe for your business or as a user. Your business page will be immediately available and searchable in English and Spanish. YaSabe offers advertiser plans where we can perform the translation work for you. If you are interested, please contact Sales by sending your inquiry through the Contact Us page and provide us the URL of the business on YaSabe.
To switch the interface of the site between the English and Spanish version, simply locate the 'English' / 'Spanish' tab located on the upper right corner of our page and click on your preferred language. On the mobile web, click in the “hamburger” menu or your name (if you are logged in) and you can change the language of the site.

9. How does my site get translated?

Through our translation platform, YaSabe automatically translates business categories and basic information of every business profile site. For advertising businesses, YaSabe offers translation services (with human validation) to the entire profile page, including the business’ description, categories, and information regarding products and services offered. If you are interested, please contact Sales by sending your inquiry from the Contact Us page and provide us the URL of the business on YaSabe.